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The complete real time visual effects
system for film, HDTV, and video.
Available for SGI & Linux.

Piranha is built for fast, interactive visual effects. Based on a hardware accelerated rendering engine, Piranha provides real time effects for uncompressed SD, HDTV, DTV and 2K in a 3D compositing environment. Controlled by an elegant user interface, Piranha's real-time color correction, effects, paint tools, and edit system are powerful and accessible.

    Flexibility is a key Piranha feature. Featuring total format, resolution, & colorspace freedom, Piranha allows artists to mix dozens of different image types in the same composition with no performance hit. Piranha is also a complete retiming suite, with field based retimings (3:2), varispeed timings, and the full capabilities of the Realviz Retimer.

    Used extensively by post-production facilities around the world, Piranha is the fastest, most cost-effective solution for your finishing needs.

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More information about Piranha:

» Key features
» Piranha HD
» Piranha Edit
» Tech specs
» Supported hardware
» Client Gallery

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